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Company Information, General Information

Award-winning creativity to help our clients create difference through engaging branding, disruptive digital experiences and powerful integrated campaigns.

Company Information

Aurora Consulting are an full service creative agency with over 20 years commercial experience delivering online and offline media to our clients.

One of our most valuable assets resides in our team’s ability to enable growth in businesses that seek to either launch, expand into a new markets or solidify their legacy. Regularly, working with influential start-ups and growing brands, Aurora Consulting identifies opportunity and develops strategies that generate conversions for our clients.

We create experiences for our clients that are developed to create a visual and narrative identity that speaks to the audience by articulating company culture, style, and philosophy – improving awareness and making connections.

As a company that’s been working with leading brands for over 20 years, all our websites are standards compliant, and usability centric.

in short, this means, they work harder than ever for you and your business and ensure your customers, no matter who they are or how they are viewing your web site, are receiving your message.

We are an award winning agency building websites for a wide range of businesses, from small partnerships to internationally recognised PLCs & Government bodies. We combine creative thinking, cutting-edge design and technological know-how to deliver elegant web solutions which meet your business objectives.